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Recreational Marijuana in the Czech Republic: 7 Things to Know

The Czech Republic is one of the most liberal countries in Europe, if not the world, when it comes to cannabis legislation. And while this has been the case for over a decade, the Central European nation continues to spearhead liberal marijuana policies in the region.

Published on 06.02.2023
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Czechia to unveil cannabis regulation laws in March

Taxes on cannabis could potentially add billions of crowns to the Czech coffers, but regulation of sales would be very strict.

A draft law on regulating the growth and sale of cannabis in Czechia should be ready by March, and the law could take effect already this year. Money raised from taxes would go to support substance-abuse prevention programs.

Published on 24.01.2023
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Czech policymakers to present draft plan for vice tax and cannabis regulation Monday

The Fiala cabinet's anit-drug coordinator will present its strategy for tackling addiction and regulating the marijuana market

The taxation of addictive substances depending on how harmful they are, the launch of a regulated cannabis market, and increased spending on addiction prevention and treatment are among the first steps outlined in the Czech cabinet's draft plan for tackling addiction over the next three years.

Published on 16.10.2022
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Czech Republic: National Anti-Drug Coordinator supports cannabis social club model

The prime minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala, announced the establishment of a working group composed of experts to discuss issues related to the legalization of adult cannabis use in the country, in a model that should follow that of neighboring Germany. Jindřich Vobořil, National Anti-Drug Coordinator, will be responsible for joining the panel and has shown himself to be a supporter of the social club model, according to some publications on his social networks.

Vobořil, who is an advocate of cannabis social clubs, stated in a Facebook post that he wants to “keep cannabis clubs until my last breath. I find this model very useful, at least in the early years.”

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Czechia Moves Ahead Of Germany In Race to Establish Europe’s First Commercial Adult-Use Cannabis Market

WITH a majority in parliament there is a strong possibility the Czechia’s ruling right-leaning coalition will overtake Germany and become the first European country to create a commercially-based, adult-use cannabis market.

In September this year Czechia’s national drug coordinator, and former anti-communist campaigner Jindřich Vobořil announced plans to deliver comprehensive cannabis reform by early 2024.

Published on 01.12.2022
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Czech Republic on the way to legalizing cannabis

In the Czech Republic, hemp products like marijuana, hashish and cannabis oil have been available in pharmacies for years. Prague is now planning full legalization for 2023 and wants to coordinate the step with Berlin.

Published on 11.02.2022
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